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149: Discovering Your Motive Mindset with Kelly Mackin
31st March 2023 • Happier At Work® • Aoife O'Brien
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Are you longing to find satisfaction in your work? Should feeling connected, engaged & fulfilled at work be such a struggle? Joining Aoife this week is special guest Kelly Mackin, a workplace well-being and culture leader and co-founder of Motives Met.

Kelly discusses the importance of autonomy, purpose, well-being and connection in job satisfaction and offers a wonderful framework for leaders to have meaningful conversations with their employees. By embracing motive diversity and creating a psychologically safe workplace, listeners will discover how to identify and meet their needs and increase engagement, loyalty and retention within their organisations. Further key points throughout include:

- An introduction to Kelly Mackin

- Kelly's journey of ill-being at work

- The non-BS approach to workplace well-being

- The 28 primary human needs that create well-being at work

- How leaders can create a thriving environment

- Effective leadership: why tough conversations need to happen

- The importance of prioritising well-being

- The best way to build psychological safety at work

- What being happier at work means to Kelly


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"It took hitting rock bottom for me to wake up and get clarity. Everybody deserves well-being at work. At the time, I very much had the mindset you have to earn well-being. You have to work your way up and get to that place. And then maybe you can be happy and healthy. Again, this is something that many of us grew up thinking. This is just the way it is, right? Just power through and be tough. You're not supposed to be super happy at work. You're not supposed to get your needs met there. So it was quite a mindset shift." - Kelly Mackin.

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