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121. Soul Alignment: The Essential Inner Work For Changemakers with Dr. Pamela Moss
Episode 1216th November 2023 • Sacred Changemakers • Jayne Warrilow
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The Essential Inner Work For Changemakers with Dr. Pamela Moss

Our guest on the podcast today is Dr. Pamela Moss the Author of the #1 international bestseller, The Soul Guide to a Magical Life, Host of The BLOCK-Buster Show, and Creator of the Soul Alignment System of Transformation. For over 15 years, she’s helped transformational leaders around the world uplevel their mindset and dramatically grow their leadership, income, and impact.

Pamela has shared the stage with luminaries like John Assaraf, Tim Kelley, Lisa Sasevich, and Marisa Murgatroyd. She is on a mission to light up the Lights, heal the Healers, and serve the Servants - so we can co-create the beautiful world our hearts know is possible. She is a powerhouse when it comes to unlocking the power of the subconscious mind and creating profound shifts in our lives.

In today’s conversation, we dive deeply into the depths of the subconscious mind and Pamela shares practical tools to help us to create profound shifts in our lives. She emphasizes the importance of taking inspired action after doing inner work and shares a powerful personal story about the transformative effect of taking inspired action. You will discover the significance of co-creation and working collectively on the subconscious mind of humanity, as we explore the importance of soul alignment, the power of intuitive guidance, and the huge challenges we are facing in the world today.

Listen in as Pamela shares her perspective on our world today, the polarizing shift happening in the world, and how it's time to choose unity and bring about heaven on earth. Even if it may sound "woo woo," it's a profound truth and you are here to make a difference. Remember, you have more power and intuition than you think. Take time to be present, tap into your deep knowing, and discover your untapped potential. It’s waiting.

Key Takeaways

  • Dr Pamela’s personal journey that brought her to the deep work she is doing today
  • Practical life tools that can be used to work directly with the subconscious mind, leading to transformative change
  • The 7 secrets to growing dreams into reality,
  • How to embrace the choice of oneness rather than staying stuck in polarity
  • The 3 steps to help you create profound shifts in our lives

Memorable Quote

“The most important gift you can give yourself is, to take some time out of your normal, hectic busy life, and just get present with yourself. And in that moment of presence, realize that you have the answers.” - Dr Pamela Moss

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