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54. An Oasis of Kindness: Helping Others By Listening, Writing, & Biking, with Steve Wartenberg
Episode 5415th February 2021 • Gravity • Brett Kaufman
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Steve Wartenberg is a veteran journalist who currently works as a freelance reporter in Columbus. He also writes for the James Cancer Hospital at The Ohio State University and hosts The James Cancer Free World podcast.

Steve is also an avid cyclist — some might even say he's an obsessed cyclist — who has written several e-books about biking in France and has ridden in Pelotonia, a three-day cycling fundraiser in Central Ohio to support cancer research every year since 2008. 

I’ve known Steve for a while, but this is my first opportunity to interview him, and I was thrilled to have this opportunity to dig into his life, “The Incident” and how he’s used meditation and yoga to help him heal, and his work at The James Cancer Hospital.

What Brett asks:

  • [02:00] What were your early days like?
  • [07:55] What were you like as a kid? What early interests guided you, even if you didn’t know it at the time?
  • [10:13] How did things start to unfold for you at college?
  • [15:35] How did you decide that journalism is what you wanted to do?
  • [21:30] Tell me about a stand-out story or experience that really touched you.
  • [29:33] What brought you to Columbus?
  • [33:20] How does it work in a newspaper? Do stories get assigned do you? Do you have a say in which things you run with?
  • [39:05] Where did cycling come into your life?
  • [42:02] Let’s talk about “the incident”
  • [49:00] How have you turned to meditation and yoga to heal?
  • [52:00] Tell me a little about your work at The James Cancer Hospital

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