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Steven Petrow
Episode 118th May 2021 • Pandemic Sexuality • Emma Katz
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Steven Petrow

In October 2020, journalist Steven Petrow wrote an Op-Ed for the New York Times, "Dating Means Fear. Again." about how dating during COVID-19 was bringing back memories of living through the HIV/AIDS epidemic. In this episode, we dig deeper into Steven's experiences of that time and how he is using the lessons of his youth to guide him during the pandemic today.

You can find the Op-Ed here and read more about Steven's work on his website:

Ken Jones

Learn more about Steven's friend Ken Jones and the series When We Rise at:

Leo Herrera

Also featured in this episode, reflections from artist Leo Herrera on the ways intimacy adapted during the AIDS epidemic and the ways in which we will be changed by COVID-19.

Leo's work can be found on Instagram and on his website: