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The Invictus Deception
Episode 733rd December 2022 • Raising The Standard • Josh Khachadourian
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Do not be deceived' is a warning issued to all believers throughout the Bible.

There is a possibility that we can be deceived, which means, at its core, to adhere or follow a teaching, or adopt a mindset that is contrary to Christ.

For Ambitious Christian Men, it is so important that we know our identity and understand the government of God that we entered. In God’s Kingdom, there are laws. It's not a democracy, and it is not our own rule. Kingdom driven men follow Jesus as disciples.

In today's episode, I want to take on something that I believe is deceptive in nature and speaks to the good in man without God. The moral choices man can make without God and the perceived benefit of living an independent life founded on good virtues but does not recognize Christ as King.

This self-willed life I just described is best encapsulated in a famous poem titled Invictus by William Henely, and I am breaking it all down for you, the kingdom man, in the Invictus Deception.

War of Two Wisdoms:


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