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Tangia Al-awaji Estrada - Leadership, Community, Advocacy
Episode 11023rd October 2023 • Authentic Leadership for Everyday People • Dino Cattaneo / Hoolibean
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Our guest today Tangia Al-awaji Estrada a storyteller, business builder, and PR consultant. She co-founded BIPOC Podcast Creators, the premier resource for black, indigenous people of color-identified creators across the podcasting space.

In our conversation, we discussed what it took her to find the right calling, the pivotal event that made her step away from a successful career as a campaign director in politics, and how, after starting a podcast, she found her authentic leadership calling when she start BIPOC Podcast Creators.


[03:23] - Tangia Al-awaji Estrada introduces herself and her early experiences with community engagement.

[10:10] - Tangia shares her career path and her accidental entry into the PR space through politics.

[17:30] - The emotional and personal toll of political campaigns and the pivotal moment where Tangia defied external expectations to follow her passion with the creation of the "That's What She Did" podcast.

[25:07] - Tangia reflects on her journey from podcasting to co-founding BIPOC Podcast Creators, a thriving movement for podcast creators, and her hopes for the future of the organization.

[28:58] - Tangia shares what she believes are the essential ingredients for effective leadership and personal growth.

[29:42] - Advice for those aspiring to create a group: Tangia shares what you need to do first to cultivate an engaged community. She also reveals the predominant challenges of the BIPOC Podcast Creators community and the valuable support and networking opportunities for creators to connect and learn.

[35:07] - Tangia explains how the pervasive usage of "hustle culture" has diluted its original meaning. Plus, she shares the recent book she read that "offers profound messages about choices, accountability, and redemption, which she found beautiful and thought-provoking."

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