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Ep 100: Cranking Up Your Endurance with Brian McClelland
Episode 10021st November 2021 • Rebel Performance Radio • Rebel Performance
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Would you like to crank up your endurance? Joining me on the show this week is Brian McClelland, Owner and Head Coach at BMC Performance Coaching and a client of Rebel Performance. At Rebel, we always harp on building very well-rounded, robust athletes to get them strong, jacked and well-conditioned. This is why I wanted to have Brian, an experienced triathlon coach, on to talk all things endurance training.

Brian and I first dive into how you can regain your athleticism by building a good foundation for your conditioning. A lot of our clients at Rebel were either athletes in high school, college, or even professionally, and once their sport ends, a lot of times, so does their conditioning. Our people come to us because they love being in the gym getting jacked and/or strong, but they don’t want to run out of breath when they walk up a flight of stairs. We unpack how often you should be training endurance and what modalities and strategies you should use (run vs. bike vs. swim vs. row). We then dive into how you can train yourself to hold a pace for an extended period of time; tracking your heart rate is going to be a great tactic in doing so. Listen in as Brian and I unpack the steps you need to follow to crank up your endurance full spectrum, whether you’re a beginner or an advanced athlete.

What You'll Learn in This Episode: 

  • [03:42] Intro to Brian McClelland
  • [09:20] The Iron Man race
  • [12:35] Building a foundation to regain your athleticism
  • [15:18] Other forms of conditioning
  • [16:22] How to hold a pace for an extended period of time.
  • [20:30] Why you should track your heart rate
  • [24:30] Where the vast majority of your workload should be
  • [26:42] What a training week looks like for a high-level endurance athlete
  • [30:26] Combining cross-training and running in your training
  • [34:02] What the total amount of mileage and volume looks like
  • [37:36] Two big takeaways
  • [38:02] Where to find Brian McClelland


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