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The Continuous Sales Machine
Episode 1661st August 2023 • Business School with Sharran Srivatsaa • Sharran Srivatsaa
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Do you wake up each morning wondering how to get new clients? The world of digital marketing is continuously evolving. The old ways of selling and serving customers no longer work for many brands. This is a sign for many businesses to figure out a way to build a continuous sales machine. What if someone gives you the three key pieces to attract your ideal customer and sell on autopilot? 

Today is your lucky day because Sharran takes you behind the scenes on the three things you must understand to set up a continuous sales machine. He also explains the 5-star prospect formula, which will help you identify prospects willing to raise their hands and work with you. Tune in and take advantage of this powerful episode. 

“The way you have a continuous sales machine is you have some way of attracting your ideal avatar in the most generic way, and then you tell stories, use content, use ideas to nurture to activate aspiration.”

- Sharran Srivatsaa


03:17 The three key pieces to attract prospects, make them love you, and sell stuff on autopilot

04:01 A real estate example of looking at the three key pieces of marketing

07:13 Understanding the 5-star prospect formula 

10:15 How to attract the right avatar (a conversation with Alex Hormozi)

14:09 How to make your avatar see and feel their aspiration

14:49 Five ways to tell stories to activate your avatar's aspirations

17:39 The effect of activating your avatar's aspirations

18:01 How to have a continuous sales machine

18:16 Recap of today's episode


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