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How pet businesses are adapting to COVID with Rivka from Puppy Post
Episode 385th November 2020 • Publicity for Pet Businesses • Rachel Spencer
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The last seven months have been a challenging time for pet business owners following lockdown with so much uncertainty in the air.

One person who has stepped up to the plate to support people is Rivka Abecasis, founder of Puppy Post, an online magazine for pet parents and pet brands.

The magazine launched in January and Rivka single handedly produces 100 pages on a monthly basis. 

And after lockdown hit, she created Puppy Post Marketplace to help product businesses who could no longer go to shows or events.

In this episode she shares how finding a helpless puppy JoeJoe changed her life and led her to create Puppy Post.

Plus how pet businesses have battled through and been resilient, what she looks for in a story and how to get involved in the Christmas market.

Key timings in this episode:

1:57 - Where the Puppy Post came from

2:48 - When the magazine started

4:12 - Rivka’s background

7:19 - All about the Puppy Post magazine

10:16 - How her puppy Jojo was found in a lockup 

13:13 - Why Rivka left the corporate world 

15:15 - What Rivka is looking for in a story

17:46 - How to pitch to Puppy Post

20:06 - Examples of Puppy Post stories 

24:44 - How Puppy Post was affected in March with COVID-19

27:10 - How small businesses are coming together in the Puppy Post community

28:00 - How the online marketplace works 

35:00 - How Rivka's community has led to friendships

36:16 - The resilience of pet businesses

38:42 - New Puppy Post behind the scenes section 

39:24 - About the junior Petpreneur section

41:31 - How pet businesses can benefit from asking for help

43:10 - How to get in touch with Rivka 

Links mentioned in this episode:

To join in with the marketplace there is an application fee of £100 and you can find out more here

If you’d like to check out the Puppy Post magazine, you can sign up via the website here

And if you’d like to follow Rivka and Puppy Post on Instagram, go to

Or find them on Facebook at

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