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Ep. 67: A New Collab with Devona Stimpson, Aelias McHam, and &SÜPA
Episode 6711th October 2019 • Not Real Art • Crewest Studio
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On the podcast today we are joined by three wonderful up and coming artists! They actually all met and connected at this year's Not Real Art Conference and the collaboration that sprouted from that encounter is our topic of conversation for today. They have just finished a mural, which they planned and executed together, a massive set of walls housed in L.A.'s Print Renegades premises and they tell us all about this experience from beginning to end! From the painting, preparation, and reflection we delve into their thoughts and experiences as young artists and how much they learned in this last week of hard work. They all emphasize the impact that pushing to make this mural happen has had on them individually and how they want to carry this momentum forward in their careers. Each of our guests unpacks a little about their paths and how they found themselves at a conference and then on a podcast! We hear from Aelias about the interesting route he took through his education, from &SÜPA about his tennis career and from Devona about finding herself through painting and branding! For all this and more from a bunch of inspiring artists making their way in the world, tune in! For more information about artists, links and resources from this episode, please visit

Key Points From This Episode:

  • The week that our guests just spent together prepping, painting and collaborating.
  • How the project came together, the trip that Aelias made and starting the mural.
  • Creating momentum and energy moving forward with work right now.
  • Improvising, freestyling and working off each other's vibes. 
  • Materials and paints that the artists used for this project. 
  • Prepping, recon missions and the work that precedes the actual painting. 
  • Aelias' education and the route he took during and after school.
  • &SÜPA's concurrent tennis career and how he earns off teaching on the side. 
  • Devona's branding work and making a career out of her art.  
  • Working smart and combining a strong ethic with clever tactic
  • A positive attitude towards adversity and running with the chips as they fall. 
  • Problem-solving and the constant challenges that face creatives.
  • The limiting beliefs that pervade contemporary society around creativity.
  • Fair rates and steering away from undercharging and undervaluing your work. 
  • Next year's Not Real Art Conference, new subject matter and looking forward.  
  • Showing up and doing the work necessary to network and promote yourself.  
  • Health and wellness practices for artists; exercise, support, and mentality. 
  • What fine artists can learn from the commercial arts side of the world.
  • And much more! 





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