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DOCSF23: Creativity and Market Making with AI
25th May 2023 • Digital Orthopaedics Conference (DOCSF) • Digital Orthopaedics Conference (DOCSF)
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In this exciting episode, Mohan Nair discusses creativity and market-making with AI.

Nair shares his insights on the challenges of launching new ideas in large institutions and the importance of being an innovator in a rapidly changing world. He emphasizes the impact of AI on society and the need for a human perspective. Drawing from his experience in innovation, Nair reveals how to navigate the ever-changing landscape by thinking outside the box and embracing change. He also dives into the advancements in AI, particularly highlighting the game-changing GPT-3 with its 175 billion parameters, and encourages the audience to view the conference as an opportunity for transformative shifts.

Join us and explore how AI tools are shaping the future!