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Supply Chain Now - Supply Chain Now 24th February 2021
Rethinking Supplier (Information) Management with Jeffrey Ostrander and Ragnar Lorentzen
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Rethinking Supplier (Information) Management with Jeffrey Ostrander and Ragnar Lorentzen

Procurement is currently being faced with two parallel challenges: to improve the supplier experience and also to improve the quality of the data that we gather from and make available to suppliers. One challenge is relational, and the other is transactional, but we have to address them both at the same time if we are going to realize the full ROI of either.

In this podcast based on a Dial P for Procurement livestream, Jeffrey Ostrander, Head of Supply Transactions, Western Hemisphere for Schlumberger, and Ragnar Lorentzen, Chief Commercial Officer at HICX, join co-hosts Kelly Barner and Scott Luton to share their perspectives on the huge potential of collaborative supplier partnerships, including the strategic value of trustworthy data.

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