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6 Simple Questions To Improve Your Close-Up Material | TSMP #037
Episode 3717th January 2021 • The Gig Hero • The Gig Hero
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How Can You Make Your Close-Up Set BETTER?

In this episode, you're going to learn a simple, yet POWERFUL collection of questions that will allow you to drastically improve your close-up magic and mentalism with ease.

Are you ready?

Topics Discussed Include:

  • WHAT can you do to improve your close-up set? [02:40]
  • WHY do you want to improve your close-up material? [04:50]
  • WHO is it going to impact when you improve your material? [08:31]
  • HOW can you make your material better? [12:33]
  • WHERE can you improve your close-up material? [16:48]
  • WHEN should you improve your material? [21:39]
  • Using These Big 6 Questions Effectively [25:05]
  • TSM:LIVE [29:15]

Resources Mentioned In This Episode:

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