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24: From Rebrands to Demand: Creating a Space for Experimentation and Learning from Failure - with Elizabeth Hague, Senior Director, Brand and Demand Marketing at Very
Episode 242nd August 2023 • Women in B2B Marketing • Podcast Host: Jane Serra, 15+ years in B2B marketing across all industries from SaaS to Marketing Agencies and International Outsourcing.
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In this episode of Women in B2B Marketing, Jane Serra interviews Elizabeth Hague, Senior Director of Brand and Demand Marketing at Very. They discuss authenticity in the workplace, the challenges and appeal of B2B marketing, strategies for successful rebranding, and how brand and demand work best together.

Elizabeth delves into the world of rebranding, highlighting the inherent risks involved in making changes to a brand. She shares her experiences, both good and bad, and emphasizes the importance of having an organized operations plan for a successful rebrand.

Elizabeth talks through:

  • the value and cost of rebranding
  • her framework for rebrands (which involves interviewing the head and lieutenant of each department twice!)
  • consequences of a rebrand gone wrong
  • building a high performing team
  • creating a space for experimentation and learning from failure
  • personalization and authenticity in marketing
  • synergy between brand and demand marketing
  • understanding customer pain points to ensure effective marketing and product market fit

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