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Make Money Strategically in the Rare Earth Market with Louis O Connor
Episode 13414th November 2022 • The Capital Club • Brian Adams
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Louis O Connor is the Founder of Strategic Metals Invest, which is currently the only business in the world offering Rare Earths as physical assets to private investors.


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Key Highlights:


[00:01 - 12:50] Why Consider Investing in Strategic Metals


  • Identifying strategic metals and their use for everyday living
  • How China can take advantage of its dominance in rare earth minerals and semiconductors
  • Finding safety and security in purchasing and owning rare metals 


[12:51 - 24:31] How to Invest in Rare Earth Metals Safely and Securely


  • The various ways for exposure to the rare earth metals asset class
  • The process of purchasing metals through an intermediary
  • Liquidity in strategic metals - storing for future use and sale


[23:32 - 39:30] A Closer Look at the Volatility in Asset Pricing


  • A hack on being tax-free by keeping rare metals for 3 to 5 years
  • Updates on the performance of each metal
  • How the risks associated with these assets are carefully outlined 


[39:31 - 41:02] Closing Segment


Email Louis O Connor via and check out his website for more insights!


Key Quote:

“One thing I always say in talking about modern portfolio theory is to have diversification… Let's say, for real estate. Now, that'll be my first choice, and it is my first choice. And metals are maybe a bit further down, but for example, real estate will give you passive income, metals won’t.” - Louis O Connor


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