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32. Managing Energy (Not Time), Living Stoked, and Flexing (Not Twisting) with Sarah Bettman
Episode 3223rd October 2023 • F**k Being Stuck: A Journey to Healing Chronic Pain • Dr. Sabrina Nichole Crouch
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In this episode, Sarah Bettman, founder of Live Stoked, discusses the importance of managing energy instead of time and living life on your own terms. Sarah shares her personal journey of recovering from burnout and the steps she took to find fulfillment and create meaningful change. We delve into the process of shedding old identities and rebuilding a new sense of self. Join us as we explore the power of living stoked and making decisions that align with your true desires.

In this episode we discuss:

  • Sarah's personal journey of waking up in the wrong life
  • Shedding layers of identity to find the true self
  • Importance of discernment in personal journeys
  • Defying expectations by engaging in physical activities

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