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OSHA’s Focus in 2023: An Interview with KPA’s Zach Pucillo
Episode 2111th January 2023 • The Safety Meeting • KPA
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On this week’s episode of the Safety Meeting, Erin reconnects with Zach Pucillo, EHS Regulatory Compliance Manager at KPA. We discuss upcoming changes from OSHA and the EPA, as well as safety program tips to start the year off strong. Tune in to hear a few colorful workplace stories directly from an NSC Rising Star of Safety, and how he stays motivated in the EHS space after 15 years. 

  • (00:45) - Being Named an NSC Rising Star of Safety 
  • (01:13) - Regulatory Review program
  • (03:34) - Planning for safety programs in the year ahead
  • (09:20) - OSHA expectations in 2023
  • (15:51) - EPA expectations in 2023
  • (17:51) - Staying motivated as you build your EHS career
  • (21:52) - Workplace stories worth sharing
  • (25:26) - Zach’s new day-to-day as Regulatory Compliance Manager

Thanks for joining another episode of The Safety Meeting, the podcast that makes you smarter about current trends and best practices in workforce safety. From employee engagement to actionable data, and everything in between, tune in to hear how you can work more safely.

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