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Rate My Retirement - Episode 1 (Gary & Patrice Case Study)
Episode 117th June 2021 • Rate My Retirement • Dan Casey
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In the inaugural episode of Rate my Retirement, we introduce you to the President of Bridgeriver Advisors, Dan Casey, who brings a wealth of retirement planning expertise to the show.

As a retirement planning strategist, Dan brings a unique perspective to his client interactions. He simplifies the financial landscape, so clients understand exactly where their money is going and how it's effectively working for them with the lowest fees possible.

In this inaugural episode, Dan explores Gary and Patrice's current retirement strategy and the options their plan provides them. Through careful thought and consideration, Dan not only showcases the pros and cons of their plan, but also provides clear recommendations on how to proceed and maximize every dollar at their disposal.

So sit back, relax, and enjoy our first case study that is bound to leave you with some lessons learned!


0:07 - Introducing Dan Casey and overview on the show

2:00 - Diving into case study with an overview of Gary and Patrice

3:20 - Their desired retirement income

5:40 - The pros and cons of pension rollouts

9:32 - Analyzing a client's Retirement Rate of Return and the importance behind this percentage

12:04 - How Gary and Patrice should approach their Social Security

15:11 - Their projected required minimum distribution

17:35 - Why should they be considering conversions?

21:00 - What conversions would look like before retirement

23:39 - What conversions look like during retirement

25:53 - Dan's recommend courses of actions for Gary and Patrice

29:00 - Answering live viewer questions

32:47 - Final remarks and how you can have your retirement strategy featured in a future episode

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