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Life in This New Apostolic Age
Episode 217th January 2024 • Intentionally Catholic • Dan Hansen & Fr. Ron Hutchinson
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In this episode of Intentionally Catholic, hosts Dan Hansen and Fr. Ron Hutchinson discuss the changing times, especially how the perception of America as a nation founded on Judeo-Christian values has shifted over the past few years.

They discuss the difficulties faced by individuals who express their faith openly in today's society. Delving into the subject of the 'new apostolic age', the conversation moves onto issues related to evangelization in current times and the notion of 'truth' in the social sphere.

They emphasize the importance of personal faith, prayer, and the power of the Holy Spirit in the face of challenges while advocating the need for dialogue and expressing one's faith with conviction.


00:02 Introduction to Intentionally Catholic Podcast

00:16 The Shift in America's Religious Landscape

02:29 The Challenges of Expressing Faith in Modern Society

04:52 The Impact of 'Wokeness' on Faith

06:47 The Struggle of Defending Faith in a Digital World

09:48 The Importance of Personal Faith in Evangelization

24:07 The Role of Prayer in Evangelization

25:43 Conclusion: Trusting in the Power of Truth

26:44 Outro and Invitation for Listener Feedback




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