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Mindset Matters: Interview with Danny De Brabander
Episode 613th September 2021 • Mindset Matters with Rachel Withers • Rachel Withers
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In the latest installment of Mindset Matters, Rachel Withers is joined by Danny De Brabander, the Co-Founder of #TeamDDB, an organization raising awareness on bowel cancer among younger people and sourcing funds for local charities in Wirral, to discuss mindset when faced with tragedy.

Danny was diagnosed with terminal (Stage Four) bowel cancer in January 2019 when he was just 37 years old. His battle with bowel cancer included a life-threatening fight with Sepsis, major heart issues caused by Chemotherapy, and three major surgeries. Today, despite being told two and a half years ago that he had just months to live, Danny's latest scans show no cancer visible!

Listen, as Danny provides insight into his mindset when faced with not one, but multiple tragic adversities. In a time of complete darkness, Danny looked to helping others through #TeamDDB as a means of therapeutic treatment and uplifting energy.

So sit back, relax, and enjoy a truly uplifting episode featuring the mindset it takes to overcome some of the biggest adversities life can throw your way.


0:45 - Introduction and background on Danny De Brabander

4:00 - Danny's initial diagnosis with bowel cancer

7:00 - Going through a variety of treatments, but experiencing heart difficulties along the way

9:45 - The birth of #TeamDDB

11:40 - The warning signs of bowel cancer (colon cancer)

14:45 - The ongoing charitable efforts of #TeamDDB

20:00 - How mindset is so important when in a negative situation, like dealing with cancer

27:00 - Hyper-focusing his efforts on #TeamDDB helped keep away negative thoughts and emotions

31:00 - Danny is worried to plan ahead in his life due to the chance of a negative scan

33:00 - Danny's message to someone diagnosed with a terminal illness

36:00 - Closing remarks

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