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#059: Building an Online Teaching Studio and Living as a Digital Nomad feat. Sebastian Gomez
21st July 2023 • TopMusicGuitar Podcast • Tim Topham
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In this inspiring episode of our podcast, we explore the fascinating world of online teaching and the digital nomad lifestyle. Today, we have the privilege of speaking with the talented and adventurous Sebastian Gomez. Sebastian takes us on a journey from his early days as a guitar player to his transition into teaching and finally embracing the online teaching world. Discover the pivotal role of professional development in shaping his teaching approach and the reason why he chose to keep the majority of his students online even after the pandemic.

Sebastian shares invaluable insights on setting up an online teaching studio, offering essential tips from a guitar teacher’s perspective. As a digital nomad, he discusses the freedom and flexibility of working from anywhere in the world. Join us as we delve into the top three crucial elements for transitioning to online teaching or pursuing the digital nomad lifestyle. Explore the unique aspects that make Sebastian’s online lessons stand out, and learn about the value of building a supportive community for online teaching success. Finally, discover the top sources and strategies for finding students online, along with the importance of investing in ads to expand your reach.

  • Sebastian shared his journey as a guitar player, transitioning to guitar teaching and eventually shifting to online teaching.
  • The importance of getting professional development.
  • The reason why Sebastian kept the majority of his students online even after the pandemic.
  • Some of the essential requirements for setting up an online teaching studio from a guitar teacher’s perspective.
  • Sebastian talked about being a digital nomad and having the freedom to work from anywhere in the world.
  • Three most crucial things that teachers need to implement if they want to transition to online teaching or pursue the digital nomad lifestyle.
  • Sebastian shared some unique aspects that he incorporates into his online lessons to make them stand out from others teachers.
  • The value of having a community even when teaching online lessons.
  • Top three sources or ways to find students online.
  • The importance of investing in ads, whether paid or organic.
  • One last bit of advice from Sebastian to the listeners.
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Sebastian Gomez is a professional guitar player, multi-instrument teacher, and composer. He helps guitar students 10+ to cultivate creativity and curiosity by exploring pop and rock music and it’s influences. His journey has taken me from being a frustrated engineer to realizing his life-long dream of being a musician. Active in business since 2012, Mr. Sebastian has specialized in helping adult guitar students create a healthy musical mindset and practice habits with a range of music genres and activities. Additionally, many students have benefited from the various masterclasses and workshops that Sebastian hosts through the year. In the past 6 years, he has taught dozens of students, performed with Grammy award-winning artists, and explored many more avenues in music he never imagined he would be blessed with.

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