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Community Reintegration and Mental Freedom®
Episode 11514th April 2022 • Life = Choices; Choices = Life • Kim Olver
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In today's episode, I speak with a man who has had some interesting life experiences, one of which was being incarcerated for 11 years at the age of 16. Tony Kitchens didn't let that stop him from living the life he wanted, though. Instead, he took that experience and is dedicating his life to transforming the reentry experience to a community reintegration one. Tony understood that when he was finished serving his time, even though he was released from the bars that restricted his physical freedom, he had further to go to experience the mental freedom needed to be able to embrace opportunities available to him. He believes that without Mental Freedom®, people can be afforded opportunities but they don't really see them or believe they are for them. Tune in to hear Tony's amazing story and what he is doing to expand reentry to community reintegration. If you would like to talk with him further about his ideas, or offer him speaking opportunities, you can email him at