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Jerry Foster: Stepping into industry 4.0, leading with precision
Episode 2118th May 2022 • ReMake Manufacturing • Red-Fern Media SOlutions Limited
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Jerry Foster is the CTO of Plex Systems, a global company based in the US, that makes software to fully digitise manufacturing operations, helping build the products of tomorrow today.

The company has been around for thirty years and currently oversees a mind-boggling 8 billion transactions per day.

Jerry has been CTO from the start – co-founding the company with 4 colleagues. He is passionate about reshaping manufacturing to embrace industry 4.0.

We discuss:

  1. How manufacturing can prepare for industry 4.0
  2. What the smart revolution really means
  3. What we can do to tackle supply chain volatility
  4. The solution to the labour shortage problem - is there one?

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