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Sharing the Journey of Building Legal Tech SaaS Business to $10MM ARR with Vishal Sunak | #90 SaaS Podcast
Episode 904th March 2021 • SaaS District • Akeel Jabber | Horizen Capital
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Vishal Sunak is the founder & CEO LinkSquares, the first AI-powered end-to-end contract lifecycle management platform. Vishal is responsible for developing strategies aimed at assisting both corporate legal and finance teams with the review of their contracts and works to prevent his customers from having to read each contract one by one. 

Vishal founded LinkSquares with the goal of building great products to improve how businesses operate. Prior to founding LinkSquares, he held positions in operations and product management at Backupify and InsightSquared.

During this interview we cover:

  • 00:00 Contentfy, Your On-Demand Content Team (Sponsor)
  • 01:02 - Intro 
  • 02:11 - Vishal’s Background & Past Positions
  • 04:09 -  Building, Launching & Growing Linksquares
  • 13:18 - Total Insights into Global SaaS Commitments Meaning
  • 15:07 - Improvements when Leveraging Vishal’s CLM
  • 17:53 - Specific Challenges/Risks of Building & Running a Legal Tech Business
  • 16:38 -  AI as the Differentiating Factor in Organizational Success
  • 26:43 -  SaaS is Solving a Problem that the Industry Created
  • 27:42 - Advice Vishal Would Tell his 25 Year old Self
  • 30:19 - Biggest Challenges  Vishal’s Facing Right Now
  • 31:38 - Vishal’s  Top Resources Instrumental to His Success 
  • 34:16 - What does Success mean To Vishal Right Now
  • 35:47 - The Future for Linksquares & Get in Touch with Vishal



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