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2. Imposter Syndrome, Balancing Marriage With Business and Daily Health Habits
Episode 24th March 2019 • the bossbabe podcast • bossbabe
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In this episode we hear the story of Dr. Danielle Canty, the other half of BossBabe.

During this candid interview with Natalie, BossBabe’s co-founder Danielle, talks openly about what it’s like to be an ambitious achiever and how entrepreneurship hit her later in life.

She shares how her background in chiropractic has helped her transition into business, and how she has had to get comfortable, being uncomfortable.

Danielle talks about the strategies she uses to keep focused on her goals, along with health tips on posture, energizing our body’s correctly, how she reduced brain fog and the direct correlation between your health and your business.

Danielle gets vulnerable about her struggles with imposter syndrome, and shares how during her 12 year relationship with her husband they have had to learn to grow together.

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