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Insider's View on Sports Reporting w/CBS Sports' Jason La Canfora
Episode 41227th October 2021 • The Work in Sports Podcast - Insider Advice for Sports Careers • Brian Clapp - Work in Sports
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We all face them. Sometimes they are dramatic, like the failure of a relationship, or the bankruptcy of a business. And sometimes they are less dramatic, but no less important like a new assignment at work, or an uncomfortable conversation.

As humans, we often tend to take action when we feel comfortable the results will be positive. We lean into those things where we know the success rate is high.

Today’s guest Jason La Canfora was a highly successful beat writer for the Detroit Free Press covering the Stanley Cup winning Detroit Red Wings.

But he wanted to take on more.

On to the Washington Post covering the NFL and the Washington Football Team.

Not bad – that sure looks like success.

Next thing you know, NFL network comes calling, we want you to be on camera and be our NFL insider.

That’s a challenge staring you in the face.

So what do you do? The Detroit Free Press was something many would have been happy with and deservedly so. The Washington post? For a beat writer that is top of the pile.

But, if you truly want to grow, if you truly want to fly – sometimes you have to get our of that comfort zone, and take on that stretch.

That thing you never thought you could reach.

Jason La Canfora was ready for the challenge and thrived on camer and leading the NFL news and information gathering at both NFL network and now CBS Sports.

Buckle up – this is quite the conversation with Jason La Canfora from CBS Sports.