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E115 - Stepping Out of the Box: Unlocking Self-Awareness to Achieve Your Dreams | with Alexandru Capalau
Episode 1152nd April 2021 • The One Big Tip Podcast with Jeff Mendelson • Everyone has that One Big Tip!
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How can one simple chart lead to incredible self-discovery and endless potential? Listen to Alexandru Capalau’s one big tip to find out!

My guest in this episode, Alexandru Capalau, is a mindset and behavior coach and specialist who has already achieved one of his dreams: at 23, Alexandru made his idea for a self-development board game a reality by funding it through Kickstarter. The game, Voltura, has even been featured on the BBC.

Voltura is about removing the “buts” and limiting beliefs standing between you and your dreams. In addition to telling us about how the game works in this episode, Alexandru also explains how to incorporate facets of the game into your everyday life. His one big tip is all about a system he uses to help himself and others find self-awareness and move towards their best selves. 

In this episode:

[1:52] Are limiting beliefs holding you back from taking steps towards your dreams? Alexandru explains that he created Voltura to help people break out of this cycle.

[3:22] Alexandru breaks down the process of Voltura. It’s a way to learn about yourself, release what’s holding you back, and make connections with loved ones along the way by targeting six areas of life: family, health, relationships, spirituality, friendship, and love. 

[5:27] Alexandru reveals his system for self-discovery, which is a chart that incorporates a combination of ancient disciplines. 

[8:01] Alexandru explains that once you start to understand yourself better with his chart, you can pinpoint areas in which you’re stuck and address issues you need to work on in order to become your best self.

[10:04] Want to try this system out for yourself? Alexandru shares how you can contact him as well as how to get your hands on Voltura, which is sold worldwide. 

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