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Episode 4: Going Global with Richard Cronin
Episode 425th August 2022 • Remote Millionaires • Offline Sharks LLC
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Are you a solo entrepreneur whos been wanting to grow your business? Do you have a proven success strategy? You might have an excellent idea, but it will be a struggle without the right systems and processes. So, where do you go to learn the next steps? This episode will show you the way. 

Meet Richard Cronin, another product of Tom's successful program for aspiring agency owners. Richard joined the AGM (Agency Growth Machine) course, a specific prospecting method developed by Tom. After applying what he learned, Richard's business experienced spectacular success. You can achieve the same success once you discover how the agency-building process works and once you know how to establish your systems and processes so that your business can run smoothly, even when you're not there. Take Richard's case–from a solo entrepreneur doing everything to going global with the help of a proven process and a fantastic team. You can be the next Remote Millionaire!

“Establishing trust and using rapport to establish that trust is just critical in what you do.”

- Richard Cronin


In This Episode:

  • Richard shares how he became a remote agency owner and what he learned and applied from the AGM (Agency Growth Machine) course, a specific prospecting method developed by Tom 
  • What are the services and the main focus of Richard's agency? What does the business look like today?
  • Some of the skills you developed while an employee would serve you well as you venture into entrepreneurship. What are some of the most critical skills Richard learned while working in Coca-Cola that served him well as he became a business owner?
  • Think about what your customer gets to experience when they come to you. How do you map the complete customer journey and ensure a positive customer experience?
  • Everyone needs the right motivation to keep going. So what keeps Richard motivated each day?
  • Richard talks about the most significant lessons he learned from Remote Millionaires and what someone can do to start building their dream business.

And much more…

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