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FORMULA INDIE 25.11.2022
25th November 2022 • Formula Indie • European Indie Music Network
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Rebel Camp – Dance Dance Dance

Penelope Pettigrew – BiConic

Doc Fischbach – Walk Away

Kmalectro – Guten Morgen Cologne

Roxercat – I Changed Today

Tragically Unknown – Uprooted

Dax – Depression

Hope Whitelock – Kafkaesque

Arn-Identified Flying Objects and Alien Friends – No Sweet Dreams

LL Groove Band – Mister M

Nicholas Rowe – I Wish That I Could Sing It For You

Fifi C – Baby Me

Dynasty Four – For the Cats

Ahren Merz – Delusional Affection

Guilherme – Into a Boy


Twoons – Barnsour

Cherry Bomb – Oh Rosie!!

JellYCopter – Won’t Make The Same Mistake Twice

Barista – The Night Train

Beware Wolves – Healing Eyes

Howe – Wash Rinse Repeat

Rasar Amani & Styles1001 – Convo

Taylor Xo – Love is for the weak

Vampire Liver Therapy – Ask to the Real me

William Sanford – Florals With Mr. Gramophone

Xperi-Lab – Intermittent Lava Bubbles

Parjam Parsi – All Souls

Wayne Madder – Take it back

Legacy City x Spazoutbeatz - The Greeting