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64. Success Story: Char Alves on building her podcast management business
Episode 646th July 2021 • The Podcast Manager Show • Lauren Wrighton
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My guest, Char Alves, has achieved the work-life balance dream: to make money, have time for yourself, and do something you love. Today on the show we talk about how she has built a lucrative business that allows her the flexibility she needs for self-care while managing a chronic illness. We also discuss fears and hesitation. For some, fear can be a great motivator, but for many of us it's the thing that stops us from trying something new, telling our stories, and sharing our message. As a Podcast Manager, sometimes we need to coach our clients and ourselves through that fear and insecurity to deliver their message. 

In her time as a Podcast Manager and Strategist, Char has been able to use her profession for good by pushing forward social justice issues. She talks about doing this by reaching out to prominent voices on important topics that may have been put off by trolls and negativity from other platforms. She encourages them to deliver their message in the safe, uncensored space that is podcasting. Not only has this tactic helped her to build her ideal client list, but it also enables her to further the causes she cares about in both her personal and professional lives.   


In this episode, we cover:

- Growing your confidence by putting in the time to learn the job inside and out and making sure that you take things at your own pace without comparing it to others. 

- Cold calling and supporting potential clients emotionally by inviting them into the world of podcasting and making it feel like an inclusive space.

- Managing insecurities about sounding dumb, causing offence, and coming off the wrong way, and the inevitable self-corrections needed to be successful.  

- Setting up your business and establishing boundaries to suite your needs and ensure the flexibility you desire. 

- Helping clients choose a hosting platform for their podcast based not on what the industry favorite is, but what makes sense for them, their budget, and their goals. 


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