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Other People’s Opinions
Episode 10927th October 2015 • The Daily Podcast with Jonathan Doyle • Jonathan Doyle
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In this podcast I’m exploring the way that other people’s opinions, or rather, your perceptions of other people’s opinions can have a major affect on your life. Im going to explore the reasons that we can become so concerned about belonging and fitting in and I’ll also offer a few rock solid strategies about what you can do to stop this issue overpowering your life. We are all different and other people’s opinions don’t impact us all the same way but if you feel that at times in your life other people’s opinions have been a source of stress or have drained you in some way then grab this podcast and let’s get to work. TRANSCRIPT Well, hi there! Jonathan Doyle with you. Welcome to the weekly podcast. I don’t know if you ever heard the song by Tenacious D called, “The Greatest Song in the World”. It’s about these guys who get confronted by the devil – walking down a road in the middle of the night and the devil says to them: “I’m going to steal your souls unless you can play the best in the world.” And they just so happen to do it. It’s worth looking [...]

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