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525,600 Minutes: How the Pandemic Has Changed Business Forever
Episode 3217th March 2021 • This Shit Works • Julie Brown
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Remember when we were all told to work from home for two weeks. And those two weeks were supposed to stop the spread of the Coronavirus. And then those two weeks turned into a month and then another month, and now we have strung those months together to form a year, 525,600 minutes

Prior to the pandemic if you had asked the top business advisors how long it would take to transition almost every company and their workforce from in person to virtual they would have told you that it would take years to accomplish - and yet we did it nearly overnight. The question remains will we ever go back? The changes that happened in how we conduct business in that seemingly overnight shift, are they here to stay?

According to the experts yeah. A number of the changes will be permanent. Listen as I break down the four changes that are definitely here to stay, and give a visual explanation of what 530,000+ American lives lost actually looks like.

Drink of the Week: Mast Landing Gunner’s Daughter Milk Stout (hot damn it’s delicious - with rich with flavors and aromas of peanut butter, coffee and chocolate. 

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