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Interview With Vocal Coach, Judy Rodman – Part 2
Episode 331st July 2020 • Audio Branding • Jodi Krangle
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Here’s the second part of my interview with vocal coach, Judy Rodman. We talked about how Judy helps her students gain access to their full array of vocal possibilities and the importance of determining intention when approaching a vocal piece.

We also discussed: 

  • How people often have breathing problems they don’t even know about
  • Understanding breath for voice versus breath for life
  • How Judy uses anatomy and imagery to teach about breathing
  • The importance of speaking from your heels as opposed to the balls of your feet
  • Where exactly you should power your voice from (this might surprise you!)
  • How adjusting arm movement can make a difference in public speaking
  • How Judy uses a backscratcher to help her students gain more control over their breathing
  • Pulling power versus pushing power
  • How the eyes matter in vocal control
  • Why we cannot yawn without dropping our jaw (try it sometime 😉)
  • How the positioning of our first cervical vertebra (C1) affects our vocal ability
  • The number one way people can best care for their voices
  • The little-known secret of how pineapple juice can help our voice
  • How miming can help you imitate character voices, accents, and dialects
  • The course in vocal training that Judy is currently working on

Check out to learn more about Judy and access all she has to offer, including her podcast All Things Vocal

You can also find Judy on social media:

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