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Steve Jordan: Importance of movement and exercise for our well-being
23rd April 2020 • From Doctor To Patient • Dr Diva Nagula
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Steve Jordan has been a health and fitness professional for 23 years. He started his career at the White House in 1997 and has since been at the top of his profession. Steve owns a private health and fitness center in Beverly Hills where he coaches top level business executives, celebrities, athletes and all who are committed to living with health and fitness as a priority in their lives. He’s shared his remarkable story and knowledge on NBC's Today Show, The Dr. Oz Show, The Tyra Banks Show, Men's Fitness, Fitness, Self magazine and on his podcast I AM Healthy & Fit. His personal story will inspire you – and his practical strategies will empower you to pursue greater joy, meaning and gratitude in your life. Steve has conducted health and wellness retreats for The Robb Report, and Canyon Ranch. He has also lectured for universities and large companies including the University of Maryland, William Morris Endeavor, and Paramount Studios.


He has a podcast called I AM Healthy & Fit with over 40,000 listens in 2 years.


In 2003 Steve trademarked Posture Perfect and was the first person to introduce a home posture program using a foam roller. His program was so innovative for the times that Men's Fitness featured him and his program which was the first time foam rollers was seen for the masses.


Tools mentioned by Steve:


Abs-FIT™ Online Program ( - Abs-FIT™ is the perfect program to build a “V-taper” and make your abs pop. Getting Abs-FIT™ is about making sacrifices, committing to a higher standard for your fitness and taking action today, not tomorrow or the next day.


Foam Rollers ( - A foam roller is a lightweight, cylindrical tube of compressed foam. It may be used for many reasons, including increasing flexibility, reducing soreness, and eliminating muscle knots.