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Releasing the Grips of Control + the Humbling Journey Forward
Episode 943rd May 2023 • The Untamed Life • Christine Jewell
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We are creatures of habit and it’s so easy to keep pressing on in our unconscious patterns. How often do we get so hyper fixated on a specific end goal or result and are gripping tightly to control that we are completely missing what we desire most or what is going on right under our nose?

The VERY things we are often chasing so hard are literally right in front of us and we become blind to them. The solutions. The resources. The direction. The support - are always available - one outstretched hand away. One humbling moment of sharing vulnerably, asking for what we need, owning where we are at - away.

We think the ‘gold’ is at the end of the rainbow, but the REAL GOLD comes in times of our self-reflection. In those HUMBLING moments where we get to ask ourselves the hard questions and actually sit with the answers. To be faced with our own truths, hard truths, new eyes that show us if we are clearly on the right path, or veering way off course and need to course adjust ASAP.

Today I am sharing some insights on Humbling Journey of Leadership + 4 KEY QUESTIONS I am reflecting on right now to release even more control over the things that are not mine to grip so tightly. 

In today’s episode I am sharing:

  • How do we DO LIFE with a LIGHTER SPIRIT and more JOY?
  • Let’s ditch the heaviness and excessive loads we are carrying
  • The need for Humbling and how that differs from Humiliation (no shame)
  • Are we bullies? Distortions around boldness + sharing truths 
  • The Humbling Nature of God vs the ‘punisher’ archetype so many are resistant of
  • How to begin to see the hand of God right where you are. 
  • 4 questions you need to be asking yourself regularly


Resources Mentioned:

Great Leaders Ask GREAT Questions - John Maxwell

Multiply Your God Given Potential - John Bevere

Psalm 139 Psalm 139 Amplified Bible (


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