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#110 - Hospitality Meets Natasha Nagra - The People and Talent Expert
Episode 1104th May 2022 • Hospitality Meets... with Phil Street • Phil Street
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What a wonderful way to cap off the first part of season 2 than with a chat with one of the industry's shining stars!

I got some (Very human focused) time with Natasha Nagra, Resourcing & Talent Director at Valour Hospitality Partners. We cover loads including:-

  • Being busy
  • Valour Hospitality Management
  • Falling into recruitment
  • Recruitment and marketing
  • Managing multiple brands
  • Awards
  • Best practise
  • HIRE
  • The Metaverse
  • Human v Tech
  • Using animals in marketing
  • No filter children
  • Falling off stages

And so much more. It's very clear that Natasha is doing what she is meant to be doing as she talks passionately about the world of resourcing and talent attraction, a subject very close to my heart!


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