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MicroFamous - Matt Johnson 10th December 2020
5 Reasons to Base Your Marketing on Podcasting, Not Social Media
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5 Reasons to Base Your Marketing on Podcasting, Not Social Media

For many people, marketing and social media are now the same thing, and their entire marketing plan is based around creating content and engaging in real time. It’s like they live every day hoping a big social media company will put them in front of more people for free.

I recommend a very different approach, especially if you’re on the introvert side.

Starting in 2015, I put podcasting front and center of my marketing, and social media was last on my priority list.

With the growth of my first podcast came attention on social media in the most authentic way possible - word-of-mouth.

What makes podcasting a better marketing channel than any social media platform? 


You’re not subject to an algorithm just to get seen. Many people have seen their effectiveness on social media platforms get wiped out virtually overnight by algorithm changes. 


Podcasts are available on multiple platforms, so your risk of getting de-platformed, shadow-banned or squashed in the algorithm is low. Podcasting has a very long shelf life. Episodes are searchable, discoverable and shareable long after they are created. 

Social media posts, on the other hand, have a much shorter shelf life, yet we’re expected to put time and energy into them as if they had a long shelf life.

Ultimately, social media companies want us on our devices, creating new content and engaging in real-time, for hours and hours a day. Extroverts might be able to do it over the long run, but it burns introverts out.

I don’t want to base the success of my business on real-time content and engagement, and always chasing that slight edge to get some temporary attention for free.

Podcasting helps build the ultimate asset of any expert business, the audience. It allows you to reach new people online, develop a deeper long-term relationship with them, and convert them into ideal clients over time.

This is why you have to put podcasting first in your marketing, especially if you want to enjoy life as an introvert and still grow your business!