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E459: Breaking Free With Marian McSpadden
2nd April 2020 • Breakthrough Success - Content Marketing That Works • Marc Guberti
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Marian McSpadden, along with her husband, own a multimillion-dollar business. She was born in the secluded culture of a horse-drawn buggy religious organization. When she was 34 years old a strong force within her took her beyond the world as she knew it. Immediately she was attracted to education. She took a GED and later graduated with a bachelor’s degree.

She has a strong ability to bridge cultural gaps and speaks to corporate, women’s and other groups. You want her to speak to your group and be inspired by her directness and authentic stories. She believes everyone deserves the chance to live a joyful, free and fulfilled life.

Through private coaching Marian teaches with a real road map how she got free one time by literally fleeing in the dark and how the second time she got free by staying and working it out.

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