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Calm the Open Concept Office - with Nook's David O'Coimin
Episode 74th July 2022 • Happy Space Podcast with Clare Kumar • Clare Kumar
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As the open-concept office proliferated, people took work away from the office to find quieter places where they could think. It's no surprise to me that millions of people have fallen in love with working from home. But, if we need to be in the office, shouldn't we have the option of neurologically safe spaces. You will have heard a lot about that with HoK design principals in episode 2. In this episode, I am thrilled to have Nook Director, David O'Coimin joining me to bring the Nook furniture experience to life.

David is the founder & CEO of The DO Company, a product innovation organization delivering bold solutions to better integrate work and life.

Enjoy our conversation as we explore how Nook helps calm an open-concept office and more:

00:03:16 Meet David O'Coimin

00:07:14 What is Nook?

00:10:25 What does Nook look like?

00:14:40 Different brains work in different ways

00:19:00 The importance of lighting

00:23:32 Productivity is personal  

00:25:02 Hackability is they key   

00:28:35 Fear of investing in workspaces

00:31:20 Implementation in hospitals

00:32:54 Citi Field New York  

00:35:42 One size doesn’t fit all

00:37:21 Total cost of ownership



The British Standards Institute

Trauma-Informed Design Society

Wiltshire Health and Care

Pods in the Wiltshire hospital


Kay Sargent

Episode 2 – How to Design with Sensitivity in Mind – HoK’s Kay Sargent and Mary Kate Cassidy


Youtube version

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