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Seeking Sustainability LIVE (SSL) - jjwalsh / InboundAmbassador EPISODE 182, 27th January 2021
Networking, Activism + Diversity through Creativity in Japan | Ayana Wyse

Networking, Activism + Diversity through Creativity in Japan | Ayana Wyse

Ayana Wyse is an entrepreneur based in Osaka, Japan who is an active creator and community organizer who welcomes and supports a diverse view of life, work, culture and activism in Japan - so essential for a more sustainable, inclusive Japanese society.

01:20 Why Osaka?

02:50 Passion projects now?

03:00 Photography gigs

04:00 Vintage store collab

06:00 Black Creatives Japan

08:15 Staying Positive + moving forward

08:58 Kurly in Kansai Podcast

11:40 Hear me without seeing me

13:16 DJ Event Creation - Wonderground

16:40 Time Management

17:20 Black Lives Matter - Osaka

19:40 Activism Organization + Registration

22:22 {{FROZEN sorry}}

23:30 BLM as awareness enhancement

25:00 How do you feel about America in 2021?

26:10 Japan Education- Changing the Narrative

28:00 Japan as home is worth fighting for positive change

30:00 Diversity discussions very relevant in Japan

30:45 Japanese feeling like they don't fit in JP society reach out to Yana

32:50 Speaking gigs

34:00 USJ fan + modeled for the USJ CM

34:45 Roller Skating in Osaka - quad style

36:36 How to have a Freelance lifestyle in Japan

40:00 Social media management + voice acting

43:00 Getting support + funding from others

44:08 Linktree for all the links

46:46 SUP stand up and paddle experience

48:40 Building Community not Society

49:26 Loneliness in Japan

54:00 Mask Anonymous

55:00 Things change slow, fast, then slow again in Japan

56:00 Upcoming events and projects- Showcase + Chill Fashion Show

56:45 Vanishing Footprints Event Collab with BCJ

1:00:00 Reuse Innovation ideas + vintage in Japan

1:01:00 Thank you! Tomorrow Ep 183 with Azby Brown talking Traditional Japanese Carpentry

Ayana's LinkTree Links: https://linktr.ee/yana_yz

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