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E163 | Solving The World’s Consumer Goods Distribution Problem with Justin Floyd
Episode 16327th September 2021 • Mind Your F**king Business • Dominic Monkhouse
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If you’ve ever suffered with your supply chain, then don’t miss Justin Floyd, founder and CEO of RedCloud, the startup looking to solve the distribution problem for B2B merchants and consumers outside of the Western world. 

They’ve already run a trial in Argentina, and put an e-commerce or a digital distribution platform, trading platform and finance platform in the hands of physical stores in Southeast Asia, South America and Africa. 

This is a truly fascinating conversation about Justin’s product and the problem they’re trying to solve. Because some of the parallels they’re tackling are currently challenging the UK, namely, tracking qualitative, consumer data. 

Justin’s got an incredible track record: 25 years of building technology startups, he spent some time in Silicon Valley and some time in Cambridge. He's run companies, he's built companies, he’s sold companies, he's invested in companies. All of which makes for a fascinating conversation. 

“The world that I operate in, it's got a product distribution problem. I mean, last year, there were just under $2 trillion worth of products that weren't available in store for customers who wanted to buy them, because there is such little ability to be able to successfully distribute at scale.”

We really enjoyed it, we hope you do too. 

On today’s podcast:

  • Global distribution problem
  • The lack of qualitative data
  • The local store conundrum 
  • RedCloud’s solution
  • Justin’s hiring secret sauce