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Center for Craft + Momentum Gallery: Making Asheville Artsville
Episode 228th January 2022 • Artsville • Crewest Studio + Sand Hill Artists Collective
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Welcome back to another episode of Artsville, where we celebrate American contemporary arts and crafts from Asheville, North Carolina, and beyond! In today’s double-whammy episode, you’ll hear from two special guests: Stephanie Moore, Director of the Center for Craft, and Jordan Ahlers, Director and Owner of Momentum Gallery, both of which are located on Broadway Street in Downtown Asheville. Tuning in, you’ll learn about the vision and mission of both these institutions, including how they crossover, collaborate, and share knowledge to promote contemporary art and craft for the future of Asheville while also honoring its rich cultural history. We discuss what makes Asheville Artsville, the fundamental differences (and similarities) between art and craft, and how the art and craft community in Asheville is coalescing to create the Broadway Cultural Gateway, as well as how Jordan and Stephanie are using education to tell the stories of the next generation of artists and makers in Asheville and beyond. We also touch on the power of material-based traditions, how to buy art as a newbie, and so much more, so make sure to tune into this episode of the Artsville Podcast today!

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Key Points From This Episode:

  • Why the Center for Craft and Momentum are considered ‘new kids’ on Broadway Street.
  • An introduction to Stephanie, the Center for Craft, and their mission.
  • Get to know Jordan, Momentum Gallery, and their focus on material-based traditions.
  • How he believes Asheville became Artsville thanks to its rich cultural history.
  • The inherent reverence and respect for art and craft that Stephanie has found in Asheville.
  • Stephanie and Jordan reflect on the difference (or lack thereof) between art and craft.
  • The unique framework of partnership that exists among makers and creatives in Asheville.
  • Learn about the Center’s grant, fellowship, and craft research programs.
  • Turning Broadway Street into an arts corridor known as the Broadway Cultural Gateway.
  • Jordan’s advice for navigating and exploring the rich art landscape in Asheville.
  • Find out from Stephanie how the Center works with national art school programs.
  • Jordan’s words of wisdom for those new to buying art: start with something meaningful.
  • Educating his clients and collectors about local artists who may be less well-known.
  • Stephanie on how the Center is connected with Indigenous and Native craft traditions.
  • Reconciling the sometimes uncomfortable history of craft through education.
  • Some insight into the glasswork of Harvey Littleton and his relationship with Dale Chihuly.
  • Stephanie highlights self-taught artists like the Bringle Sisters and Michael Sherrill.
  • Learn about Stoney Lamar, the Windgate Foundation, and their contributions to craft.

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