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Rethinking the Communication of Action Research with Patricia Canto and Miren Larrea
Episode 430th December 2022 • The Action Research Podcast • Adam Stieglitz & Joe Levitan
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In this episode, we welcome two guests, Patricia Canto and

Miren Larrea, who recently published a paper together titled “Rethinking the Communication of Action Research: Can we Make it Dialogic?” Adam and Joe bring you an enriching conversation with the authors.

Patricia Canto is a researcher at Orkestra-Basque Institute of Competitiveness. She holds a PhD in Social Sciences from University of Deusto. She investigates the role that communication plays in articulating academic knowledge in territorial development processes and international knowledge networks. Her research areas include the social impact of research, scholarly publishing and communication, and universities’ role in regional socioeconomic development.

Miren Larrea is a senior researcher at Orkestra. She began her professional career as a research assistant at the University of Deusto, where she wrote her doctoral thesis on the local production systems of the Basque Country. After a decade dedicated to teaching and research, she worked for six years at a local development agency, where she combined her experience as a regional development professional with her work as a university researcher.

The episode starts with a “Lightning Round”, asking questions like, What is AR? What is the most important component of Action Research? What is a major consideration when communicating AR? What distinguishes AR from other forms of research? (4:15). Later in the episode, our guests share the story behind the collaboration that led to the article (6:46), along with discussion about some important themes highlighted in the paper such as: how do you hold true to AR principles like dialogue in the communication of your research findings (10:23)? Why do linear formats in AR communication reduce its potential to transform society (11:39)? How do we make action research dialogic and inclusive with all the stakeholders involved (21:01)? Tune in to listen!




Canto-Farachala, P., & Larrea, M. (2022). Rethinking the communication of action research: Can we make it dialogic? Action Research20(2), 199–218

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