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How Endothelial Cell Help our Heart and Erections with Myles Spar, MD
Episode 9829th February 2024 • The Dr. Geo Podcast • Dr. Geo Espinosa
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In this enlightening conversation, Dr. geo interviews Dr. Miles Spar, a renowned clinical practice leader focusing on chronic diseases and integrative medicine. Dr. Spar brings his knowledge to the table, highlighting the critical yet underappreciated role of endothelial cells and the endothelial glycocalyx in maintaining arterial health.

Discover the vital connections between our daily lifestyle choices and the health of our arterial lining, and learn how these factors contribute to the prevention of heart attacks, the enhancement of male sexual health, and the overall well-being of the cardiovascular system. Dr. Spar emphasizes the destructive impact of poor diet and lack of exercise on our endothelial health and offers actionable advice on nurturing this essential component of our arteries.

Furthermore, we delve into the significance of nitric oxide in regulating blood flow and explore the promising effects of marine polysaccharides on the endothelial glycocalyx. Dr. Spar also discusses innovative measurement tools and biomarkers, such as lipoprotein and CRP levels, providing listeners with insights into monitoring and improving their arterial health.


Dr. Spar's website:

Twitter: @DrSpar

Insta: @DrSpar

FB: @Myles Spar, MD

LinkedIn: @DrSpar


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