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Almost 30 - Lindsey Simcik EPISODE 277, 3rd December 2019
Ep. 277 - Our 30’s Uncensored with Girls Gotta Eat Podcast
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Ep. 277 - Our 30’s Uncensored with Girls Gotta Eat Podcast


Get ready for K + L updates from the Land Down Under! The ladies are in Melbourne, Australia for their live event with Rosie Acosta, and have some stories to share about their experience (Aussie accents included!). They also reflect on how their live events have evolved over time. They talk about the importance of each event being a show and also a conversation with the audience, so everyone feels seen and heard!



Today, we are going behind the scenes of Girls Gotta Eat podcast with hosts Rayna Greenberg and Ashley Hesseltine. We absolutely love these ladies’ humor, energy, and HUSTLE! Ashley and Rayna are incredibly thoughtful about making their business sustainable, and they share ways in which they push the envelope. You get the scoop on how they met and began their podcast, along with how they maintain their friendship and business partnership. On their show, R + A are very open about guys they are dating (or banging!), so we ask how that affects relationships. They share how the podcast has strengthened their connections with family and friends, and how they’ve created boundaries around the types of jokes they make. We also dig into their relationship with social media and how they handle negative feedback. R + A share a plethora of funny dating stories, toxic friendship breakup advice, and their personal perspectives on sex and dating!

Ashley and Rayna are currently on tour, so checkout locations and dates here!


We also talk about:

  • Loving someone but disliking them on social media
  • Ways A + R have evolved in their careers
  • How A + R separate their responsibilities
  • Ways A + R differ in their personalities
  • Benefits of female partnerships
  • A + R’s view of spirituality and karma
  • Ashley’s tarot reading


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  • All the love and thanks to everyone who attended our live event in Melbourne, Australia with Rosie Acosta! Check her out on Instagram @rosieacosta.




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