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When to Overcome Duct-Tape Digitization with Stefan Debois - Ep. 39
Episode 3930th January 2023 • Secrets of the High Demand Coach • Scott Ritzheimer
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In this tech-forward episode, Stefan Debois, Founder and CEO of Pointerpro, shares how he helps professional service providers overcome the inefficiencies that prevent them from ever truly achieving scalability.

What I love about this episode, however, is that Stefan shares how tech isn’t always the right answer, how duct tape digitization is the right strategy, and most crucially, when you need to change tack to achieve true scalability.

Stefan Debois is the founder and CEO of Pointerpro, an assessment software platform that helps professional services companies to automate their advisory processes. Stefan is passionate about the use of technology to build professional relationships with people, at scale.

Before founding Pointerpro, Stefan worked for 15 years in several consulting companies as a consultant, project manager, and account manage contributing Entrepreneur, Capterra, CrazyEgg,… mainly in the areas of entrepreneurship and digital marketing. 

Want to learn more about Stefan Debois's work at pointerpro? Check out his website at