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TWP 019: Samantha Franzen - A Redemption Story
Episode 1916th July 2018 • The We Podcast with Sarah Monares • Sarah Monares and Loudspeaker Studios
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This week on The We Podcast get to chat with Samantha Franzen. Samantha is a wife and mother to two little girls, and has been holding down the fort as “the executive director of household operations and fun” for her family since the birth of her first daughter in 2012. In recent years she found her passion in health and wellness education through her blog Decidedly So. She believes when it comes to living a healthier life that knowledge is power, but convenience is key, so she’s working to make the journey toward healthier living a whole heck of a lot easier for the busy mamas of the world. She’s also a Greeley, Colorado native and loves building and growing meaningful relationships and community in her hometown.

This is a very real and raw interview. I have always admired Samantha’s ability to be vulnerable and put it out there. Which is what The We Podcast is really all about! She talks candidly about the events that lead up to her own health issues and being told she would have to live a life of massive medication or have a complete hysterectomy at the age of 18. Her journey is a challenging one and what I love most is that she calls it her redemption story. You have your own redemption story as well my friend!

You can find her on her blog at ( AND this is super exciting… we were both recently chosen to be a part of the contributing founders team for the Northern Colorado Moms blog! So you will also be able to find her work on the NoCo Moms Blog (NoCoMomsblog on social media) when it launches in August and follow us both over there as well.

Social media is also a great way to connect with her! He can find her on Facebook (Samantha Franzen) and Instagram (@decidedlyso). Thank you Samantha for sharing your heart and story with us and encouraging us all to step further into our own truth!



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