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Vicky Churcher - Living with a Heart Condition
Episode 717th September 2020 • The Practical Protection Podcast • Kathryn Knowles
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Hi everyone, this week I am chatting to Vicky Churcher, Intermediary Director of AIG.

Vicky is joining me to chat about her health, claiming on her insurance and how the additional services offered by Best Doctors have been phenomenal for both her and her family.

In 2018 Vicky had a major heart attack, which was a huge shock given her being a regular runner, a vegetarian for most of her life and generally someone that didn't have any of the usual risks that lead to a heart attack.

In this episode we focus upon Vicky's experiences of what having a heart attack felt like and how it can change your life. Vicky is now a counsellor to support people that are due to undergo major heart surgery, which I think we can all agree is an incredibly positive way to focus her energy.

The 3 key takeaways:

  1. The types of symptoms that someone can experience when having a heart attack.
  2. The importance of using value added services, like Best Doctors, to double check that every part of your medical condition has been thoroughly investigated.
  3. A case study arranging life insurance for a client with atrial fibrillation, a history of pulmonary embolisms and mental health.

Next time I will be chatting with Emma Thomson from British Friendly. We will be chatting about Emma's experience being diagnosed with breast cancer and what it was like for her to claim on her insurance policies.