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Coaching vs Therapy with Misty McIntyre
Episode 592nd November 2021 • Empowered AF • Mark Santiago
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If you are struggling, you feel stuck, or you don't have clarity about what to do in order to reach a goal or get out of a situation, then having a Coach will be your best option to overcome that. But there are lots of cases where men that come to Empowered Man still haven’t worked on themselves to any degree before even thinking about joining the program. Because they should take care of their mental health first, therapy is their best option to get the right type of attention for their specific situation. So in today’s episode, Mark talks with Misty McIntyre, a certified therapist and coach, about the differences between coaching and therapy and when to recognize when each is an appropriate action for a given situation. This is something critical to know, so pay attention!

“Once you have dealt with your mental state, coaching can be perfect for you”

 - Mark Santiago

In This Episode: 

- Misty shares with you what the main difference is between coaching and therapy, so you can be aware of which one to go for based on your situation

- Coaching can be amazing, but not everybody is qualified to give advice if you are dealing with Mental Health issues, so here's what to look for when searching for help…

- Why you may need Therapy first, before getting into a coaching program (This one is super important since it can affect your well-being)

- Mark explains how coaching can be the best way to go about things, when you don't know where to go, don’t have a proven plan of action, and/or you lack clarity in some aspect of your life

And much more…

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