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Veteran Wealth Secrets - Scott R. Tucker EPISODE 12, 14th April 2021
012 with Zach Page & Wyatt Fraser - The American Legacy Project - Share Your Experiences to Connect
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012 with Zach Page & Wyatt Fraser - The American Legacy Project - Share Your Experiences to Connect

In today's episode, Zach Page and Wyatt Page, two young active-duty officers, tell their noble mission in founding The American Legacy Project Inc. in the non-profit space. Let's delve into how sharing military experiences through stories became a powerful tool to inspire the military community.  

Episode Highlights:

  • 01:50- Zach and Wyatt both graduated from Westpoint with an economics major
  • 03:45- What led Wyatt and Zach to start a non-profit business?
  • 15:55- Knowing when to start and having a deeper understanding of  a non-profit business 
  • 20:10-  Benevity portal is a free sign for a non-profit that matches them to corporations that encourage employees to volunteer for them
  • 23:00- The American Legacy Project serves active duty, reservist or veterans, and civilians
  • 24:24- Zach explains the process of capturing stories for the project. 
  • 27:40- About 35 legacies have been captured since March 
  • 29:45- Why do veterans need to tell their stories? 

3 Key Points:

  1. Sharing military experiences through storytelling is a cathartic and powerful way to better understand yourself and find a meaningful connection.
  2. Telling veterans' stories is an opportunity to realize the lessons on their service, which inspire those who are coming along. 
  3. Knowing these stories gives a deeper meaning to the common phrase " thank you for your service"  and develops empathy between civilians and the military. 


  • “Find the thing that seems boring to someone else and make it fun to you. If you can find something, build it and make it fun.”- Zach 
  • “Your time in service teaches you so much in life, and a lot of us downplay because we are shy to introspect, but the more you talk to people, the more stories you see that are ready to be told and need to be told.”- Zach
  • “The American Legacy Project is a great way to bring the community at large together regardless if they're in the military or not.”- Zach

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